X-Men Apocalypse. Something does not add up... SPOILERS!

Hey folks. I'm letting you know that this post WILL CONTAIN spoilers about a certain scene in X-Men Apocalypse in case you have not seen it yet. Please do not read past this part because I will explain through really shitty screen shots trying to analyse a certain scene.


So, X-Men Apocalyse. Decent flick, Quicksilver scene was pretty damn awesome no? Well, something BEFORE he shows up, does not make sense, it regards, Charles Xavier being taking away by Apocalypse and his band of misfits. Havok tries to use his chest lazers to help but unfortunately he blows up the damn Mansion (does this mansion ever get a break? no it does not). As soon as this explosion happens, Quicksilver shows up with his super speed, and has to save everyone from the explosion. He does in quite a fashion. Turns out, he forgot Havok and Cyclopes gets sad and then they gloss over his death. Not showing a body or anything, and they move on. Also, you'd think Quicksilver would show some remorse that he forgot someone, cause he moves fast as fuck. Anyways, i rewatched the scene a few times and low and behold.... Havok is somehow missing from the scene when Quicksilver shows up to save the day.

Alright.... let's start with an establishing hall way shot. We can see  that there are three doorways in this hallway when Magneto snatches up Charles. They are just behind the third doorway/entrance.

Here we see Charles being taken away and we see that theres 1 hallway near the hang on the left and a hallway on the right of the scene..

Here, the camera pans over when Charles is heading towards the gang of the right of the screen. He passes the 2nd entrance/hallway/doorway and then makes his move towards the final hallway/doorway

At this time, Havok starts running to save Charles and fire his optic chest lazers . He runs past the first doorway.

He stops right after the 2nd doorway to fire his blast. Check the next picture to see the 3rd entrance/doorway

OH, rats, Apocalypse got away... but we see that Havok is now right before the 3rd doorway. Big explosion is about to start cause of this dumbass....

 Oh hi quicksilver. as he enters the 3rd doorway. We see Hank Mckoy in the foreground and the 2nd doorway just in front of him

Quicksilver is now in front of the explosion, we see the 3 Doorways in this shot.

 Havok SHOULD be right behind Quicksilver, but somehow he is completely omitted from the start of this scene.

This is a glaring error *IF* Havok is dead... but all the signs point to that he is completely missing.
Start your theories.

(I do apologize for the quality of the screen shots, it's a leaked copy of the movie... cut me some slack....)


Five Albums That Changed My Life. (plus 3 other albums that I need to list because I can't choose five)

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that someone liked. It was some dudes thoughts on what albums changed his life. I thought it was a rather awesome idea, cause honestly, music is amazing, and made me what to look back and think about which albums really had an affect on me. To narrow it down to just five albums was tough, I had to pick another 5 for honorable mentions.

Alright, let's get to it!

Metallica (aka The Black Album) - Metallica.
If it was not for my father having this album when it came out, my cousin being a Metallica fan and my grade 7 teacher telling us to do a project on a band. Pretty much, Metallica would not be my favorite band and I would have some weird taste in music, and I do not want to think about that. The Black Album by Metallica was the first album I heard back in the early 2000's and wow, it hooked me and made me fall in love with this band. My earliest memory of this album was listening to it on my DISCMAN (oh man remember those!?) while sitting on my deck in a summer evening, reading the lyrics along to the songs. Ever since then, heavy metal music was in my blood.

Train of Thought - Dream Theater
I remember being friends with Shaun and Wally during the summer of 2005, those guys were the biggest Dream Theater fan's I've ever seen and from a band I had no idea who they were. I got curious and asked Wally to lend me a few albums. He lent me their whole discography. Imagine getting 8 CDs and with no recommendations of what to listen to first. It was the worst. For some reason, the only album he did not have was their heaviest album. I was intrigued. I bought it pretty much the next day, gave it a spin, and holy crap, it was the heaviest thing I heard (at the time), with "As I Am". Mind was blown and now opened.

Around this time, I was kind of closed minded when it came to new music, pretty much all I listened to during that time was Metallica and Iron Maiden, and nothing else honestly. Maybe a few songs from some other bands, but after hearing Dream Theater's Train of Thought, I fell in love with Prog Metal, and I needed more. Thank god Wally gave me their whole discography!

Black Holes and Revelations - Muse
Muse was one of those bands around 2005/2006 I kind of started to get into because Dream Theater's Never Enough kind of sounded like Stockholm Syndrome. I checked it out, because why not, and liked it. I proceeded to listen to Absolution, thought they had a decent sound and liked it. Kind of made fun of them because they were just a heavier sounding Radiohead (at this time, I did not even listen to Radiohead). When I first heard Black Holes and Revelations, they were so much more than just sounding like Radiohead, they were their own band and it was god damn awesome. I think Knights of Cydonia was the song to really hook me into Muse. It was just this space western-y song and just got you going.

Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta
In 2006, I pretty much just listened to Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Metallica and just too many heavy metal bands. It was time to evolve my musical tastes, My good friend Shaun was already into this weird progressive rock band, The Mars Volta, opening for System of a Down. My only thoughts to this band was, holy fuck, this is fucking weird, what is going on? I was told to listen to their albums, they had three at the time, I picked up Frances the Mute first and it was this crazy Mexican rock that was just in your face. It was so god damn bizarre that I kind of liked it. With them, unlike the other bands which just hooked me in, I had to listen to it over and over just to get it because there was so much going on and a lot of the songs were over 10mins and for me, that was a biggest challenge.

The Wall - Pink Floyd
Oh man, Pink Floyd, now, I could have gone with either Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals or The Wall, because each of those 4 albums, to me, basically made me fall in love with Pink Floyd into a whole another level. I went with the Wall, because, I think it was the first album I had from them, fell in love with the story, the music and everything about it, also the movie was just on another level.

honorable mentions:
Blood Mountain - Mastodon
I hated a lot of the newer metal bands because their vocals had to be harsh and screaming and unbearable. It was until I heard Mastodon, I kind of liked their vocals, because it wasn't screaming, it was more deep, and gutterel (you know from the gut? haha) and it fit the music. Also, their drummer was just so all over the place and it was fun to listen too. Also another 2006 release (you can say 2006 was the year I really explored my musical tastes)

Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden
All of the 80's Maiden albums are perfect, but Somewhere in Time just stuck with me because of the opening track and the synths. It's a fun song to listen too. All the songs on this album are just great too.

Painkiller - Judas Priest
Before I even heard of Painkiller, all I knew from Judas Priest was their 70's and 80's songs. Living After Midnight, Breaking The Law, Hell Bent For Leather. You know, classic 80's metal tracks. My friend, Sammy, told me to listen to Painkiller, the song, and holy moly, was I in shock. I had *NO* idea that Judas Priest went into an entirely different direction and this was the most aggressive in your face song they ever put out. I honestly thought it was from the Ripper Owens era, but I was wrong, Rob Halford shocked me with his high pitch vocals on this album. One of my favorite 90's metal albums ever.

Well, I am sure there are way more other albums I could have listened, but these are the 5 + 3 honorable mentions that pretty much shape my musical tastes when I was discovering music.


Space Truckin' Through Canada (or #JasonDoesCanada)

Let me say this. I should have done this as SOON as I returned from my vacation. That was September 22nd. Today is January 9th, 2016 at 3:25am. Why am I recapping my vacation now, I have no idea, but I know one day, I will forget about this trip and someone will ask how that trip was and I'll be able to mutter is a "I... I.... don't remember" with a cold blank stare with a singular tear running down my face. I don't want that. It could happen, but if it does happen, maybe, just MAYBE, someone will say "Oh! He wrote a blog post about his trip, so let's read it to him so he can maybe remember the good times". Yes! That is how it's going to happen! Well... anyways, I'm rambling. I guess I'll start it.

Alright. The story doesn't start exactly on September 7th. I just didn't get in a car and drove 3600km to Calgary. Well in a sense, it does, but, no. In June 2015, I was going through some car troubles, the cars I was able to drive were slowly dying on me. One had an overheating problem and the other had an alternator problem, and my parents were not going to spend a lot of money to fix these old cars, so it was either fix it myself or just buy my own car. I bought my own car. MY OWN CAR. This was a kickstart to my vacation. The second thing was able to get time off of work for a vacation, and once that was approved, it was pretty much set it stone that I was going to drive 3600kms across Canada to visit my best friend who is living in Calgary.

As the summer went on, I started planning my trip. I knew I could not drive 3600kms straight to Calgary, that would have been insane! My original plan for my trip was to leave after work around 11pm and drive most of the night and morning til I hit a campsite to rest for the day/night of Sept. 7th. but after some convincing from my folks, they suggested leave early morning on September 7th. Whatever eh!

I knew I was going to have a place to stay once I hit Calgary, but on my way there, I had nothing! No that is a bunch of lies, I had something, it was called a tent and a sleeping bag. After each leg of the drive, I would crash at a campsite and get my rest until the morning sun came up and then continue the rest of the drive. That was the plan! I also booked a hotel in Medicine Hat because I was going to visit a friend who was living in Lethbridge at the time, so I wanted to freshen up a bit so I didn't smell like a car and Canada.

All right! We finally talked about the pre-trip, NOW that I warmed you up with this bullshit that I didn't really need to tell you, I will finally talk about 3 LONG days of traveling, because that will be the fun part! Oh man. So much fun to talk about! SO MUCH FUN!

(editor's note: Jason went to bed, cause it's friggin' 4am and he needed some sleep.)

(It's been 24hours since I last returned to this post. I'll see how much I get through this one. Trust me, it's gunna be a doozy.)


ALRIGHT. September 6th. Sunday, My plan to start off my road trip vacation was to leave work at 1030pm, go straight home, pack my car, sleep for a few hours and then leave my house at 4am. What I did was go to karaoke with a few coworkers at 12am, sing a few songs, left at 1am, drove home and packed my car at 130am and then tried to sleep even though I rested for 1 hour until my alarm went off at 4am. Pretty much the worst idea, I should have just went home right after work. Silly Jason.

Finally! 4am rolled around, I got up, put my pants on, shoes too! Grabbed my keys, locked the door to the house and started my car and off I go to start my adventure! The first few hours of the road trip, nothing note worthy happened. I passed by our Nation's Capital. I passed where the Ottawa Senator's play (middle of nowhere!). My first stop was in some small town an hour away from Ottawa, just to fuel up on gas, and grab my first coffee of the trip. (PS. lots of coffee was consumed so I will not mention where my coffee stops where... they basically coincided with gas breaks.)

My first real stop was in North Bay. I wanted to stop by their junior hockey team arena and see if I can get a professional tryout. As I got to North Bay, it was pretty much a no go, since there was no way to get to their arena that day, stupid construction. Ah well! Time to jet off to Sudbury! My next tryout!

As I started to drive to Sudbury, the lack of sleep started to catch up on me, I have already did about 6hours of driving and it was 11am. I pulled over in some small town around Lake Nispissing and caught some zee's. Pretty much refreshed me for the next leg of the drive. Before my trip, I knew 2 things that were in Sudbury, the OHL team and their GIANT NICKLE. Since I was passing through/by Sudbury, I had to check out this giant nickle, and let me tell you, it *is* a giant nickle. They had a little museum there to tell you all about Canada's nickle. I am not even joking. I mean, LOOK AT THIS NICKLE!

Only in Canada, I guess? Anyways, after that little pit stop and leg stretches and a photograph, it was time to go the furthest west I've ever been so far in my 27 years of life... Sault Ste. Marie! If you see a pattern here, it's because the three stops during this day revolved around the OHL teams. Sadly, I did not check out any of their gosh darn arenas. What was wrong with me? I dont know. I rolled around in The Sault about 530pm. Had to get some grub, so I got the most Canadian meal I could ever get.... Harvey's. Oh boy, this was kind of the first instance that I realized that I'm not in Quebec anymore. I mean, the English language was everywhere. Such an odd thing to see and even hear when you are used to hearing French anywhere you go. As I got to my delicious fast food hamburger (Why didn't I try a decent local restaurant, I don't know), my friend from Calgary, Jacob, called me. OHHHHHH. It was great to hear a friendly voice cause I was pretty much a lone in a car by myself, at this point was about 13hours. Holy poo! 

After a decent chit chat with Jacob, I walked around the block to get some photographs of the area, stretch the legs and give my car a little break, because I was pushing my new car just a bit. Once I thought it was a decent break, I took off for my final stop, to find the campground I was going to stay the night, and call it a day. As soon as I started leaving Sault Ste. Marie, the weather was fantastic, bright sunny skies, but as soon as I hit the highway, I started hearing a little rattling noise from my car. Great, this little noise could drive me insane cause it was going on and off and just barely audible. The highway at this point was hugging Lake Superior and it was amazing, the fog was rolling off the lake and settling in on the highway, which was pretty much a valley between this huge cliffs. Thick fog. THICK FOG along this road, with no cellphone reception and a car starting to make noise just was the perfecting combination to set my stress levels off the chart. Great. It's Labour Day, no one is driving on this road and I dont know where this campsite is exactly because internet has failed me. It was pretty much a horror movie starting, and I was alone. Well long story short, I did find the campsite just at the border of the Lake Superior Provincial Park and made camp for the night. I slept like a baby. 

END OF DAY 1 (There is still 13 days to go. I am so sorry, some days will be shorter like Day 2 of driving. Sorry for all these words.)

As I woke on the foggy September 8th morning in this campsite, I was hoping the car noise issue would be solve due to my car not being used to be on the move for a good solid 12 hours of driving. Turns out, I was wrong, the little rattling kept happen. Great, I still have 2 days of driving before I could get my car checked, also I am in Central Ontario. There is nothing but small towns with 3000 population. Just typical empty Canada. As my route continued 3 hours since I left the campsite, I accidentally knocked a can of red bull which was occupying a cup holder, I noticed something.... The rattling was gone. ARE YOU SERIOUS JASON. THE RATTLING WAS AN EMPTY CAN OF RED BULL? Oh my god, this revelation was hilarious and all the stress just INSTANTLY went away. I felt like an idiot... I still feel like an idiot to this day. Haha, wowie wow. 

Alright, Central Ontario is one long drive. Seriously. All I can say is that it's hilly, kind of mountainous and just a lot of trees. Lots and lots of trees. Also small towns, can't forget about small towns. Thunder Bay is pretty much the biggest city in the region. It does not offer much cause well it's in the middle of nowhere. I guess thats why it is home to some hockey players BECAUSE I'm sure there is nothing to do much play hockey. Actually, one highlight of traveling on the Trans Canada Highway, is that in Thunder Bay, there is a Terry Fox memorial, because that is where the Marathon of Hope ended. That was a pit stop for me, snapped a few photos of the Bay (there was no Thunder at all, so it was more like Slightly Overcast Bay) and the memorial they had for Terry Fox. Neato.

After Thunder Bay, there is nothing. It is a boring drive. There is a plaque to indicate that you are leaving Eastern Time and in Central Time. That's about it. Nothing notable at all during this part. NOTHING. Oh wait, gas prices we're a bit more expensive in Central Ontario than Quebec (about 10cents) and Southern Ontario (about 20cents). Yah, I guess because it's really remote to get gas there. 


As I reached Manitoba, oh thank goodness, a different province finally. The land started getting flat, which was different from the hilly and lush forest-y parts of Ontario. I have finally entered the Prairies. About 45mins away from Winnipeg, the tree line just sort of dies off, and you actually get to witness how flat the land is. It is weird and awesome at the same time. I mean, you see a lot of the sky. I drove through Winnipeg. Found a campsite to set up for the night and then went around to find some food and call it a night. 

I woke up early, yet again, to get a start on my day of driving, my next rest area was in Medicine Hat. About 12 hours away from where I was. The rest of Manitoba was still flat, but the big thing I did notice was the speed limit was 110 km/h and a divided highway too!!?! That was a HUGE change from the 90 single lane highway of Ontario. Goodness! I can actually drive fast and not worry about trucks and slow drivers. (Turns out the rest of the Trans Canada Highway is like that... just Ontario has to be different.) 


Saskatchewan is a weird province. It doesn't follow time zones like normal places. It falls into a shifting time zone depending when Day Lights Savings happens. I thought I was going to be in Central Time for two provinces. As I reached the border information center, I believe the time was 945am. As I was kindly informed, it was 845am. Which basically meant I left maybe a little too early, and I actually had a lot of time to kill for this day of travel.

Saskatchewan is as flat as Manitoba, but with much less vegetation, well there is grass, lots of grass. It was a clear day and it made for an awesome view of the land just seeing the big blue sky in every direction. I knew I was passing by Regina, and it was during lunch time too, unlike passing through Winnipeg and not seeing anything, I decided to stop in Regina for lunch, and see where the Roughriders play. The RoughRiders are the CFL team in Regina, just so you know. I ate at the Keg Steakhouse, cause I needed a decent meal that wasn't fast food. I got a call from Jacob during his lunch time, so it was great to fill him in on my trip so far and we were both getting excited that I was less than a day away. After the phone call, I made my way to Mosaic Stadium, got a few souvenirs and headed off to Moosejaw.

I didn't really stop in Moosejaw, only got a bag of ice for the cooler of drinks I had. Friendly folks. As I continued, I saw that in Swift Current, they had a Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame. As I am a hockey fan, I had to stop there and check it out. I can say I am glad I did! Turns out there are a few great players to come out of Saskatchewan (I am hating the fact I am typing Saskatchewan so much). It was great little Hall of Fame, signed the guest book and the attendant at the HoF was surprised that some guy from Quebec drove all the way here and stopped to see it. Hey, if you're a hockey fan, GO CHECK IT OUT! 


After the nice detour in Swift Current, it was time to hit up Medicine Hat, Alberta for the night. Finally, got to Alberta, never thought I would ever see that wonderful sign saying "Welcome to Alberta." It was okay. The landscape of Alberta, even after Moosejaw became more so rolling hills and not flat lands. Like you know the default wallpaper for WindowsXP, it was like that. It was wild. I did see some cows. I think I also saw a Bison on the other side of the highway, but I could not be entirely sure. Ah well! I rolled into Medicine Hat to the hotel around 630pm, Pretty much did 13hours of driving that day. If I was not going to Lethbridge to visit an old CEGEP friend, I could have made it to Calgary in the late evening, but hey. I did not want to push it. Oh, at this point my car was already over 5000km on an oil change, so that was my big thing to do before I did more driving the next day.

I checked into the Imperial Inn, decent cozy place for a night stay. I would not recommend it because the wireless internet was pretty awful. There was a steakhouse beside the inn, so naturally as a lover of steak, I had to check out some good fine Albertan beef. I had the classic rib steak. Nothing too fancy, with a soup and some mashed potatoes as a side. Pretty decent! What was interesting, they had a gas fire pit encased in glass so you can watch your steak being cooked. As a cook, I thought that was pretty cool, but if I were a cook/chef in charge of that, I would hate to see people watching me while I cook. I already dislike that when I'm at work. Those judging eyes are locked on to you. 

Once dinner was finished, I walked back to my room, put the tv on and just slept. I did not check out Medicine Hat's nightlife if you were wondering. That would be like checking out Chateauguay's night life. Why would I do that?!

I woke up the next morning, got myself some god awful free breakfast at the inn. Should have spent money and went somewhere decent to eat and had a damn good cup of coffee. I knew I had to be in Lethbridge about 12pm and it was a two hour drive. I left the hotel at 9am, Decided that I should get an oil change at Mr. Lube. Let me tell you something, the staff at the Mr Lube in Medicine Hat were probably the friendliest people I've ever encountered! They offer you coffee, a newpaper as you wait in your car as they do their thing on your car. What service! The oil change took about 20mins max along with other fluid checks and what not. As soon as that was done, I hit the open road yet again. Next stop: Lethbridge! 

Lethbridge was kind of interesting. Theres a giant bridge. Its a pretty big city too, but with a small town vibe. I met up with my friend Stephanie who I went to CEGEP with back in early 2010. She just recently moved out there to pursue a new career that was not architecture. As we met up, we went to a local bistro called Bread, Milk & Honey. It was pretty darn good! (Go there and try it IF you're ever in Lethbridge!) During lunch, we caught up and all that fancy jazz that people do whenever you have no seen each other in like 3 years. Which is a lie, the last time I saw Steph, she came with a few friends to my school where I cooked for them, at that time, it was about a year and a half. I believe. I can be wrong.

After lunch, we decided to walk around "downtown" Lethbridge and check out the local sites. She showed me where she works, a nice bar/pub called the Owl (or something like that, basically there are a lot of owl's in the place, thus the name). Since I was in the west, and cowboys were a thing in the west, we both checked out a cowboy store. As we walked in, we were greeted by this older cowboy gentleman. Like it was your stereotypical cowboy. Boots, shirt, jeans, hat. All the works of a cowboy. We said hello and just said we're just new in town and wanted to look around. He tended to another customer. We walked through the store, admiring all the boots, until one pair caught our eye. It was bright neon green and kind of ugly too, I grabbed the boot to just check it out, and then put it back on the rack. All of a sudden the owner cowboy stops what he's doing with the customers, comes up behind us, with some sort of anger in his eyes, looks at both me and Steph, grabs the boot from the shelf, and starts wiping the toe where I head the boot. Turns out, you are NOT allowed to grab a cowboy boot from the toe, you must gentle grab it underneath the heel and be gentle. He says too us "People these days have no respect for the boots, just the other week, I had some American come into my store and wipe his shit (his hands) all over my boots. I spent 20 hours on this pair of boots and he comes in and wipes his shit all of this boot" as he proceeds to show us the boot and the scuff mark that he left on the toe. We said sorry, and have a nice day, and just left that store like a bat out of hell. We both LAUGHED as soon as we got out of the store. Like, we both thought his anger was uncalled for and just plain rude and hilarious at the same time. Oh man, note to self, never... EVER, touch a cowboy boot by the toe again. Just don't.

We walked around some more and checked out some local shops. Still the friendliest people I've ever encountered during my travels around Canada. It's just amazing how different the rest of Canada is from Quebec, because the clerks in the stores will ask you how you are doing and be very friendly. I have yet to really experience that in Quebec. Anyways, since it was time to leave Lethbridge, we said our goodbyes, took a selfie to post on facebook, cause that is what the cool people do, is it? It is, I'm sure. I got in my car (by the way, parking on the street in Lethbridge is like 2$ for 2 hours, WHAT YEAR ARE WE IN!?) and hit the road. Should have taken more pictures of Lethbridge, the landscape was amazing. 

When I got on the highway to Calgary, I caught my first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains. They were still pretty far away, but the fact you can see the outline in the horizon, was just kind of breath taking. I just knew I'll be seeing them up close and personal VERY soon, and I could not wait! As I reached Calgary, it was in the middle of rush hour "traffic". I wouldn't even call it traffic, because well, it was moving at a decent pace and nothing was ever bumper to bumper. Once I was at Jacob's apartment, I easily found parking on the side of his place (and free too!) I was greeted by a friend that I traveled over 3500kms to see!  Ahh! It was fantastic to see old friends and socialize with real people in the flesh after 3 days of long long travel. 

We both went up to his apartment after the mini-reunion on the sidewalk, chatted for a bit, told him my Lethbridge story, because I HAD to tell someone about that, because it almost sounds unbelievable. We went to the grocery store that was just down the block from his place and picked up some snacks and booze, and went back to the apartment to wait for Jacob's girlfriend, Terry. This was only the second time I would be meeting Terry. After we met and settled in, we went to a local pub that was down the street to get some grub and drinks. We talked, shared stories from my trip and that fancy stuff. We also briefly talked about what Jacob and I would do for the weekend. I knew I wanted to see Banff, cause why not? But after that? There was an idea that we would road trip to Vancouver and check out the sites and the other ocean, or go to Jasper and camp and hike for the weekend. The other idea was to go visit an old friend of Jacob's who owns a Bed and Breakfast in Revelstoke. The idea was still up in the air, we would figure it out the next day. 

So, my plan for Friday when Jacob was at work was to go meet up with my friend Sammy from high school who's living in Red Deer, to catch up and grab lunch. When we all woke up in the morning, Jacob, Terry and I went to this small diner for breakfast. Probably the first real breakfast I had in the longest time since due to my work schedule and even life schedule, I am never up at 730 in the morning. Since Red Deer was two hours away, I had time to kill before I had to leave Calgary. Jacob mentioned there was this nice lookout over the city. 

It was a nice little area, almost like the Mount Royal look out in Montreal, but obviously, a lot smaller and not as high, since there are no mountains in the city of Calgary. By this time, I got a message from Sammy that he had to cancel the plans for today, which kind of sucked. I was looking forward to catching up with him. Shit, there goes my plans for the day, in a city I don't know that well. I knew that an old co-worker was living in Calgary and was still in town before he had to move to Spain for his job, due to the economy not doing so well out in Calgary. I sent Neil a message and got a phone call almost right away, sadly his hands were tired at home with his kids, so he couldn't meet up for lunch. Rats. Well, at this time, I kind of remembered that Drumheller was just 90 minutes away from Calgary, and there was a great dinosaur museum there, also the hoodoos, might as well check that area of Alberta out, well because, I don't think I was going to have the time to check it out! At least the negatives turned out positive. 

Before I drove to Drumheller, I walked around the downtown core of Calgary just to get a feel of the city. It was pretty decent. I most walked the North-East section of the city, which was Chinatown, I guess, on my way back to my car, I walked through a nice little park that was in the middle of the Bow River. There was a lot of work to restore the park due to the floods that happened two years prior. I some some Canadian Geese up close and personal. It was rad. My next touristy thing on my list was to see the Calgary Tower. Yup. I mean, it's a tower, that over looks the city, at the time of the construction, it was the tallest building in the city, but now it's just average. Grabbed a few pics, saw the Rockies through these telescopes, VERY COOL to see them. Also, there was this glass floor on the south side of the tower, it was nerve racking to step on to it because I guess I have a tiny fear of heights, but that is due to the fact you're standing on glass, and see the street below you. These two kids beside me where in hysterics cause they could not understand why their mother was standing on the glass. You could tell they did not understand what the hell was going on. Don't worry kiddo, I completely I understand.

The drive to Drumheller was pretty flat. Just farmland. When the sign came up saying 5km to Drumheller on the left, I thought I was being lied too, because I'm sure if something is 5 kilometers away, you can visibly see it in the distance. Turns out, Drumheller is nestled in a valley of these awesome looking cliffs. It really reminded something out of Breaking Bad (the setting) and the Old West, all it was missing was some Cactus plants. 

Drumheller is home to the Roayl Tyrell Museum, which is basically a museum on DINOSAURS. Oh MAN, and the town of Drumheller eats that up big time. Everything in Drumheller has some sort of dinosaur somewhere, and they even have this large T-Rex statue claiming it to be the worlds largest dinosaur. I am not joking. 
(not my photo, its from Wikipedia)

Once I arrived in Drumheller, I went to check out the Museum, because Dinosaurs are god damn amazing. It's pretty much all about the old times when stuff was way different. Lots of fossils too. It was god damn amazing. I took the audio tour because I was by myself and kind of wanted to know a lot more than just skimming through texts and what not. The entire tour took about an hour. After the museum visit, I went to see the Hoodoo's. The Hoodoo's are a natural formation of rocks. Like something you'd see in the desert in the USA. They were a lot smaller than what I imagined, but hey, it was pretty neato.

Considering my day was pretty much improvised since the morning, I was fairly happy that I was able to check out Drumheller and the sites! Seriously, if you are reading this, you *need* to go to Drumheller and just soak it all in. Cause Rocks and Dinosaurs! 

As I got back to Calgary, I returned to Jacob's place and told him about the day I had. He was also glad that I was able to check out Drumheller. The plan for the night was to meet up with Terry and Jacob's friends, Mark and Michelle, and grab some food. Sadly, the one place we went had about an hour waiting time for a seat. Unbelievable! Not that I care, but an hour wait it's just crazy talk, isn't it? Well, instead of waiting around at this place, we decided to check the east end of Calgary, and this area where it has been restored due to the floods that happened 2 years prior. Pretty scenic area, I was able to grab a great shot of the Calgary skyline at sunset.

After the little adventure through this park and skipping some rocks in a pond, it was time to go eat. We went to this Chinese restaurant and pretty much ordered a feast. Seriously, it was a lot of food. I can't even remember was ordered. Chopsticks are still foreign to me. Like, I understand the concept how to use them, but I just can't get a grasp on HOW to eat with them, but I pushed through it, and did not use a fork, cause I like a challenge to eat my food (no i dont.). After dinner, we went back and finalized the plans for mine and Jacob's weekend. We were going to meet up with his friend who is living in Revelstoke and he was going to show us around and bring us to a natural hot spring. Pretty sweet.

Saturday morning, we got up, packed our bags, got in the car and grabbed ourselves some coffee at Tim Hortons. One interesting note, they know how to line up in Calgary to get their coffee. Like one door is an entrance, and the other door is an exit. In Quebec, it would be CHAOS if it were ever like that. Also, they were pretty slow on the orders, so, Quebec, you win that round.

Our first stop of my road trip within a road trip (road trip-ception am I right?) was Banff! Oh my god, I could not wait to see the Rockies and walk around Banff. I think I had this idea of living out west/visiting out west for the longest time, ever since I started working and I was finally going to check it off the bucket list.

As we drove closer towards Banff, I just could not keep my eyes on the road, because of the scenery. It is hard to describe because of the scale of everything. We stopped on the side of the road at this lookout and FINALLY it was my first experience with the mountains. The air was clean, it was a beautiful day, it was just amazing.

We arrived in Banff and there was some sort of triathlon going on. Kind of wild, but it just made the place busier than normal, I guess. We finally found parking (free parking!?) and decided to walk down main street Banff, and oh my goodness, it's pretty much what I thought it would be, mountains everywhere, log cabin buildings, and people everywhere. Jacob said that he had to go to the Chateau Fairmont and just check it out, possibly have a drink, and lunch. 

Holy moly, this hotel was something I could not afford to stay in, cause, yeah, it's one of those type of resort places. (maybe I could afford it, I dont know, I did not check the prices of the rooms) We managed to get a seat on the terrace of the Chateau that was overlooking the Bow River and a few mountains and a golf course, and I could not keep my excitement because, well it was my first time ever and it was just breath taking. Also, it did not look real. We got some cocktails and just started to shoot the shit, cause what else do you do while you're in Banff on a glorious day?!

On the way back to the car, we had to pick up a case of Pillsner for Ryan, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast in Revelstoke, That is what he asked for, and that is what he got. I heard that beer was expensive out west, and I did not believe it. 50$ for a 24. Seriously! That is wild.

Since Lake Louise was on the way to Revelstoke, we had to stop by and just check it out, also grab a bite to eat, cause it was getting to that time for lunch. Sadly, we did not stop by Lake Louise and see the Chateau, because it was crazy busy that day. No idea why it was hectic, ah well, I'm sure I'll see it next time whenever I'm in the area. We had lunch at this small lodge, just a hamburger for me. 


Crossing the Alberta/BC border was the most majestic thing I've ever experienced in my 27 years of living. Since I was driving, it was honestly the hardest thing (that's what she said) I had to do this entire trip. As you leave Alberta, you are driving down this road which crosses into British Colombia and into this valley with the mountains on either side of you. Just breath taking. (Heck, this whole day has been breath taking to me, honestly!). With the weather cooperating with us, it just made the trip through the Rockies amazing.

We arrived in Revelstoke around 330pm, made our way to the resort, and met up with Ryan and his friend KP. They already have been there for a while and started drinking, it was time for me and Jacob to catch up, which we did. The drinks were pretty much a lemonade with some sort of booze, doesn't matter. It was good. Mostly the whole time it was Ryan and Jacob catching up and telling stories about their times partying back in Montreal. So, the plan for tonight was going to have this epic bonfire at KP's place and just chill and drink. 

We got back to the B&B, unloaded the car and got to our rooms and sorta settled in, until we loaded up the van with firewood and this large cabinet thing. Apparently, Ryan spent a shit ton on this cabinet thing and hated it, kept it and decided that he was going to burn that mother fucker down tonight. Most excellent, cause this thing was going to light up the sky. As we arrived in the backyard and unloaded the wood, I noticed that my cellphone was gone. As in, just fell out of my pocket. Shiit son. I did a quick search around the backyard where we jump out of the van, also checked the van, could not be found. Maybe it was back at the B&B where we loaded the firewood. I would check that in the morning. No reason to stress about it now, there was a fire to be had.

This fire was amazing, we got talking to some of the people who were friends of friends. I was basically instructed to watch Rick and Morty, because it was pretty much the greatest cartoon ever. We also got on track about Trailer Park Boys. Oh my goodness, it was great night. Oh ya, also that Cedar Cabinet thing went UP in flames. and it was glorious. 

The next morning, I got up, checked for my phone, no such luck. Damn, where the hell was it? The only place it could have been was back at the fire pit and we just could not find it due to the night coming down quickly. Sadly, it was nowhere to be found. Really sucked, cause I did take a lot of pictures that I did not upload to my DropBox account, which was the shitty part. Also my 64gb SD card in the phone will all my music. RATS. Anyways, I was going to figure out the phone stuff once I got back to Calgary, no reason to worry about it when we were going to head up Mt. Revelstoke and check out the views, and go to a natural hot spring.

The views of Revelstoke were pretty awesome, cause this little town is nestled between these large mountains and honestly, if it weren't next to the TransCanada, you would not even know it exists, well maybe you would, because it is known for the fresh powder for snowboarding and skiing, cause it gets A LOT of it during the winter. Kind of the best place for that fun stuff. SO, I am told by the locals I met.

We had to take a ferry over a lake to get to the hot springs. Ryan, thought we would not make it, cause we took a little longer to get up to the top of Mt. Revelstoke, and had to pick up a few other people, so he basically burned rubber and gas to get there. We thought we made it to the ferry on time, but turns out there was this soccer team and families, so we missed the ferry. Had to wait an hour for the next one, ah well, we drank in van and socialized. 

Once we got to the spot where the hot springs were, we had to take a little hike down this ravine. It was pretty steep, so one bad step basically meant you were sliding down to the bottom, and hopefully NOT with a broken leg. Well, half way down our trek, Ryan & KP lost their footing, they did not fall, which was good, but the cooler of beer just came CRASHING down like an avalanche, and oh my god, it was hilarious, cause it made the biggest noise EVER and all you could hear was Ryan's laughter as it happened. Turns out, only a few cans of beer opened up and we lost only like 2 cans, not that bad eh? As we got the springs, it was pretty cool but you could tell they were man made and organized in such a way. Ah well! who cares man, its still out in nature. 

We were approached by these other group of fellers and they told us of a more secluded hot springs that no one ever goes to rarely. Which was great, cause the ones we were, kind of everyone goes there, so we packed up our stuff and started the trek UP this steep ravine. I know I'm not in the best shape of my life and holy fuck this trek REALLY took everything out of me, cause it was steep. As we made our way to the other place, it was going to be 5 times more difficult coming back cause the trek down was more uncharted and was trickier to get down. 

As we got down, there was this hippie like dude with his little puppy, and it honestly, as Jacob described it, was something out of a Disney cartoon. This guy had this kilt on, spoke with this heavy bushwacking canadian accent and had this little dog as his partner. That is something you never see every day. and boy, did I ever witness it.

As we got to the spring, it was pretty much like nirvana, the springs were just next to the river with a rushing waterfall and just peace and quiet. Something you never experience in a life time, expect for the people out in BC which takes them an hour drive to get too. Kind of jealous of that life style. We just sat around, drank beer and talked. Lost all track of time too, which was great.

As the sun was setting, it gets dark VERY quickly, and we had this adventure to get back to the van, cause we knew it was going to be hell, especially in the pitch darkness of backwoods British Colombia. Well, we made it back to the van, cause if we didn't you would not be reading this blog, it just took time because there was only 3 flash lights and our "guide" had to scout up a head a little, turn back to make sure everyone was doing okay. As we got to level ground, these European dudes had their truck stuck in the mud, we offered to help them out, cause it is the Canadian way, plus we do that shit constantly when others are stuck in the winter. 

Oh ya, the road to the hot springs is like 10kms away from the main road and it is pretty much a logging road for trucks and it is the bumpiest rider ever. Basically, if you do not have a good suspension system for your car or truck, do not even attempt to drive this road. you are warned, and it's a good thing I did not take my car!

We were all pretty beat from the day, pretty much went back to the B&B and just drank a few more beers and played music and chilled. Called it a night and slept. I woke up kind of early the next day, I'm guess it was 6am, (all this time zone shifting really got my sleep schedule shifted). turned on the TV and the Trailer Park Boys movie was on, I think it was the newest one, I just kept it on hoping I can sleep again. Also Boogie Nights was on at this ungodly hour. I was switching between the two. 

Got up again around 9am, Ryan made us breakfast, and it was pretty damn good, he has some good chops in the kitchen. Jacob took another turns to see if he could find my phone, no luck! Ah well! We packed up our stuff and decided to hit the road back home, well in my case, back to Calgary. We said our goodbyes and thanked Ryan for being a gracious host and got into the car and left.


Once I got back to Calgary, I dropped off Jacob and told him that I was going to go find a Telus store in hopes I can do something about the phone situation. (I am not going to rant and rave how idiotic Telus & cell phone companies are, cause well, we all know about it.) I went to Telus store and see what they could do, and the sales person there was no help at all. All he said was to either pay off the phone I lost at 500$ and just get a new phone or spend 50$ and get a cheap phone and run out the rest of my contract. I took the cheap option, well, cause 500$ is kind of pricey and I did not have that money on me at the time. 

Turns out that phone was a piece of plastic garbage compared to my other phone. Considering the time of the day, I was going to deal it in the morning, I did call my parents around this time, because it has been a while since I talked to them, and considering I lost my phone, I'm sure they wanted to know what was up. It was great to talk to them. For supper that night, Jacob recommended that we eat at this other Asian restaurant, and try their Pho because I never had Pho before. Since the restaurant was just down the street from his place, we went to go pick it up and Jacob also wanted to show me where he works. Turns out, his place has a table hockey game and ping pong. He basically kicked my ass at ping pong.  PHO SHOOOO. ( i was holding that pun in for a while. :)) 

The next morning, unsatisfied with what Telus did with me, I called them up and explained the situation about my phone, and long story short is, they could not help me because I lost the phone. Whatever right? right! I went back to the same store, this time a different sales rep was there, and gosh, let me tell you, his help was so much better than the other kid the day before. He understood the situation and basically tried to help me get the cheapest deal, even though, I still had to pay for the lost phone, but hey, I got a free iPad mini out of it, I guess you can say it kind of worked out in the end. I did skim over a few details, but god damnit, this blog is already at eight thousand words, and why would I spend more time explaining my time in Telus. I SHOULD NOT DO THAT.

Anyways, after all that situation was handled, Jacob and I hit up the north part of Calgary, I believe the area is called Kensington. We grabbed lunch at this place called Vendome and by golly, it was delicious. I had the tuna melt sandwich. It was good. (I already stated that, i know). After that we strolled around, went into a record store, I bought myself the KISS self titled record for 10$. Pretty snazzy. We stopped at the comic book store after that, nothing of note for me, because I didn't buy anything. Just did a lot of browsing. 

That night, Jacob and I went out for drinks, at this place called The Ship & Anchor, met up with his friends, drank a bit. Then proceeded to go to a karaoke bar, cause when in Rome. What can I say about this place? Well we were there on a Tuesday night, so I'm guessing the crowd we're just regulars, so the place wasn't all into it unlike if it was a busy night, but hey, whatever right? I did two songs, "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath, and "Mr. Roboto" by Styx. I think I did well on them, then again I did have a few drinks. Jacob did two songs, one of them I picked for him. He did "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by CCR and my pick "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas. After that fun stuff, we walked about to his apartment, shot the shit about stuff and life. During the walk back, the biggest difference from Montreal to Calgary, was the late night. I know it was a Tuesday night at 2am, but at that time in Montreal, there would be traffic on the streets, in Calgary, there was NO ONE out driving. It was kind of weird and spooky.

Before we headed back to the apartment, we stopped by Jacob's work, at 2am by the way, and decided to get some ping pong action in. I don't know why we did this, but it was kind of hilarious playing some ping pong at your friends work in the early morning. Fun stuff. Once we decided ping pong time was over, it was time to head back and sleep. My last day in Calgary was soon! Oh boy.

A few hours later after ping pong, we got up and were going to check out another area of Calgary , it was more east of the city, in an older part of town, called Inglewood. BUT BUT BEFORE THAT! (I forgot about this while i was writing this paragraph) we traveled to where the Calgary Stampeders play football, grabbed some souvenirs and they were practicing too! Managed to get a few pictures of the Stadium. Neato. After that, we went to the Saddledome where the Flames & Hitmen play. I also grabbed some souvenirs. Hey, when in Rome!. Next stop, Inglewood, you could tell this part of time was older, kind of an old west town but modernized. We stopped at a grocery store/cafeteria called Bite for lunch. What can I say. it was great. I honestly forget what I had for lunch. Damnit, I should have taken a picture of the food. GREAT ONE JASON. Now everyone is going to wonder what you had for lunch. you idiot.

Inglewood had a few stores dedicated to my career, there was a knife store which held a lot of specialty knives. I almost caved in to get a new boning and filet knife, but the cost was a little too expensive for me, also did not help that I saw these knives at the end of my vacation instead of the beginning because I probably would have bought them. Ah well! There was also a spice specialty store which held a lot of different kind of spices. Like, A LOT of different spices. It was overwhelming in aroma. I did buy a "Spice Bible" book. Gotta know about those spices baby. 

For dinner, we decided to go out to a fancier place. Hy's Steakhouse. Turns out it has been around from 60 years.

(Yah, I hope you can tell I am really skimming these last few paragraphs, it's because I'm tired, I honestly need to wrap up this blog, cause it closing on 10000 words, and it's about food AGAIN. also it is late and I am tired, I guess I shouldn't blog while tired, especially if I am recounting an entire god damn vacation that happened 4 months ago.)

Anyways, where was I, OH YES. Dinner at Hy's Steakhouse. The interior of the Steakhouse was pretty majestic, if I remember correctly, it's like a hybrid of a restaurant and a cocktail lounge (i dont even know what a cocktail lounge is, so IM SORRY) and the atmosphere is kind of hip I guess. I think they try to cater to young professionals mostly. Anyways. enough ABOUT the interior and what I think the inside is a cross between, it's all about the food, right? RIGHT.

Since we were a party of 4, we all had to get some appetizers. We got oysters, (not a big fan of them, AT ALL), I got a french onion soup, we split a shrimp cocktail, which was pretty good, there was cheese bread that was free, but I did NOT come to a steakhouse for FREE CHEESE BREAD. I came for the good ol' CANADIAN BEEF. I ordered the Porterhouse steak, cooked medium-rare because anything hire may get some looks and insults from the chefs in the back, HEY, I do it all the time at work whenever I see something over medium. I also forget what my friends had, cause I was focused on my glorious steak. It was amazing, at least for wet-aged steak, it was great. It did come with a side of mashed potatoes that seemed to be squeezed from a piping bag because of the design. Hey, it's better than just scooping it on the plate with an ice cream scoop that some places do. 

For dessert, I got something that was good (I dont remember and it's also because I did not take a photo of it), but I had a damn fine cup of coffee. Afterwards we made our way back to apartment and played a few rounds of EXPLODING Kittens and Cards Against Humanity to round off my trip. I had another 3 days of driving to get back to reality and home. Oh joyous travels. 


Alright, the next morning, I got up, said my goodbyes to Jacob and Terry and proceeded to hit the road. My goal was to get to Winnipeg at least. I did not get to Winnipeg. I got to Brandon, Manitoba. I really over estimated by ability to drive that day, I was just too exhausted to continue, also the hour jump ahead did not help that much. I just stayed at a hotel, because it was later in the day, like 8pm and the sun was setting quick and I did not want to scramble to fnd a camp ground. I did book a hotel in Sault Ste Marie for the next day, so I knew I had another long day ahead of me of driving through Ontario.

(SERIOUSLY. There is NOTHING noteworthy from my trip back from Calgary to Brandon, it was drive drive drive, get gas, and more driving.)

The next morning I got up at 445 and hit the road at 5am. Once I set my GPS and the address for my next stop, it told me I had a 21 hour drive ahead of me. OH GOD NO. I was pretty much defeated because I was going to roll into Sault Ste Marie around 230am. or 330am due to the time change. This was going to be an awful day. Turns out, it was not as bad as I expected, I basically sped through Ontario with little stops, only for gas and for supper. I really did not want to take all day driving and all night driving through Central Ontario, because ALL THE GAS STATIONS CLOSE AT 9PM!!! Thankfully, the drive was a breeze and made up a lot of time. Also, Lake Superior Provincial Park was not a stressful and foggy drive, but I did have a mini heart attack. I did not notice that the on coming traffic lane created a passing lane, so around a corner, all I saw was headlights that SEEMED to be in my lane and I thought, oh fuck, this is it, but it wasn't, he was in a passing lane and it was all good. I just had a mini-heart attack, for a brief second. Oh ya, earlier in the day, I did see two black bear cubs on the side of the road. It was pretty wild seeing bear cubs for the first time. 

Got to Sault Ste. Marie Hotel and checked in, let my aunt and uncle know that I'll be in Toronto by 4pm. They were letting me stay the night before I go home, also to catch up with them, because I have not seen them in a few years. It was a great visit with them, they just came back from India and traveling through the mountains. I told them all about my trip and they were excited that I took that trip all by myself. Wild isn't it! That night, my uncle and I watched Jurassic Park in 3D on his 3D tv. It was pretty crazy how well it looked considering the movie is 20 years old and all I remember from the movie is watching it on VHS. What a time we live in!

The next day, my plan was to meet up with my folks who were going camping with a family friend near Charleston Lake and I decided that I'll go see them, well because if I did not stop by, it would have been a month of not seeing my family. That would be too weird. When I got there, they were just setting up and I told them pretty much what you are reading, but MUCH, MUCH less details, cause why would I ever want to bore someone with details... oh wait, you're reading these god awful boring details about my trip. Sorry!

After some supper and a quick catch up, it was time to head home, for good. and by god, did it feel good to be home after 2 weeks and close to 9500km across Canada. I saw many things, I did some things I never thought I'd do.

Would I ever do this trip again? Yes, but I would not do it alone, I would do it with friends, or even with my future family, whenever that happens but I would take my sweet time traversing through this glorious country I live in. There were some stops I should have made, but time just did not permit since I only had 2 weeks. 

If you are reading this, I do hope you enjoyed all this nonsense, even though the trip was months ago, I really wanted to share my travels with whoever. It was a great trip and if you ever road trip across Canada, TELL ME, I'd love to talk about it, and if you did road trip across Canada, please let me know and we can talk about how AWFUL Ontario is!

Okay, BYE BYE. 

Final note. I drove about 9500kms as I stated, and the word count is 9530.


Reflection back on the 2015 goals.

Oh boy, am I lacking in these blog posts or what? I think my last post was LAST year about my goals for 2015. (I'm actually checking to see if that was the case...) Oh I was kinda right and wrong. My last post was my review of Majora's Mask 3D for the 3DS, BUT before that post, it was my "bucket list" for 2015. Let me see what I listed on there.... Eat a new restaurant once or twice every month... travel out west for a vacation... okay.... hmm.... sky dive... move out on my own... and practice more cooking at home. Hmm. Okay.

First, I did not eat at a new restaurant every month, but I did try out a few key Montreal restaurants in 2015. Between work and days off, it was just tough to get out and eat food, also due to the lack of friends who wanted to try something new. I did go to Monkland Taverne & Moishes (I work there!) for supper. Both were fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Sky Dive?! Oh my, I completely forgot about that task right after I wrote it down. Well, maybe this year, if I don't forget! I just got to find the certain people who want to fall out of a plane with me. Could be tricky? Do I bribe them? Do I just kidnap them and make them fall out of a plane with me? I don't know... (if you are reading this and want to skydive with me, PLEASE say something!)

Practice cooking at home. Yeah... I can say I did a little more cooking at home this year than in years past. Kind of in charge of cooking the meals on my days off if time permits and whatever is planned for that night. I could have done a little bit more, but hey! Sue me!

Move out on my own. I was very close on this! Seriously! But due to some car troubles around the time I was looking for an apartment, I decided it would be more beneficial to me to purchase a car for myself because one of our family cars was going through a lot of trouble and could not be reliable anymore, which meant I had to buy a car for myself, and I did! Which brings me to my next goal.

Travel out west for a vacation. I finally had time off from work. I had a reliable vehicle. I had a friend out in Calgary. Pretty much the stars all lined up for me to take this vacation, and know what? I DID IT. I *drove* across Canada, by myself. I had a BLAST.

AND after 5 months since that trip, I am FINALLY going to talk about it, but in the next post! ohhhhh A CLIFFHANGER. What funnnnnn! But seriously, I'm currently typing it all out and the fact I cannot sleep tonight, I decided to revisit my blog page that I've been neglecting for so long.

Also, 2015 was a pretty rad year. Pretty decent.


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Review

Howdy readers. I am back after 2 months (I actually forgot I was trying to get back into blogging, but what are you going to do? Sue me?! GO RIGHT AHEAD) *ps. please dont i have no money*

The LEGEND of Zelda. One of the big time Nintendo franchises for 29 years, and one of my favorite video game series. How does one explain this franchise? Uhh, well, umm... I guess you can, but I dont know how too cause I don't know where to begin? Why am I even talking about the franchise, I am here to talk about Majora's Mask, and specifically, a review of the remaster/remake/rerelease on the Nintendo 3DS.

Majora's Mask is the direct sequel to the all time classic Ocarina of Time back on the N64 and Majora's Mask 3D is the remake/remaster for the 3DS. I am not entirely sure what to call MM because yes, it is a 3D remake of the N64 game from 2000, but it also remastered and enhanced in different ways. I guess the best way to describe it is, when Nintendo decided to make Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS a few years ago, it was pretty much the exact same game from the N64 version which everyone loved. Just updated graphics, of course. Majora's Mask, on the other hand, it is the same game from the N64 version, but it is also updated in different aspects, which is good!

Before I get into the details of what is different, let's talk about the game first.

MM has an interesting element towards the game. The world is about to end, you have 3 days to save the world, if not, game over, EVERYONE DIES. Pretty much a huge task for Link to complete. To me, this gimmick or gameplay element is excellent. You pretty much have to manage your time in order to complete tasks, if not, well, you must travel back in time and restart the cycle all over.

 I did play MM back in the day when it was first released, I can say the game does not hold your hand once you complete the first cycle of the 3 days. You are thrown into the world to save it. I remember I had to use a walkthrough to help me complete the temples and a lot of the side quests, cause well, I was not the brightest when it came to Zelda games. Yeah, LAME am I right?

Well, playing the game 15 years since the original, I can safely say, this version is a little less cryptic because you do get some better hints on what to do and how to complete some tasks. I did not use them because I wanted to see how I can get through the game without any help. (I only used a guide to find stray fairies in certain temples and the odd side quest). 

After beating the game for the first time in 15 years, this is still my favorite of the series. Why? I dont know... maybe because it was the first Zelda game I beat back in the day. Or the time traveling aspect or even the transformation masks. Either way, it was a nice experience to playthrough once again.

The changes in the game, I did welcome because they made the game a lot different than the straight up remake of OoT. The biggest difference between the N64 & 3DS version were the boss battles. Each boss battle were tweaked and gave a little more of a challenge. The biggest change of the boss battles was the Gyorg boss battle in the Great Bay Temple and Twinmold in the Stone Tower Temple.

This is even a review? I dont even know. Either way, if you loved the original version of the N64 and OoT 3D, I suggest getting a 3DS and go buy yourself a copy of Majora's Mask. The game can be frustrating at times because of the lack of direction (which is great) because wasting time running around does not help your cause.  GO BUY THE GAME OR ELSE.


The 2015 Bucket List.

Howdy yet again folks!

What is this you are reading? A back to back blog post? Seriously. What has come over me. (hehe come over... wait.. eww....) I was just bored on this wonderful wet and rainy Christmas Eve and thinking about the new year which is only in a week, and I was thinking of a few things that I need to sort of do.

This is kind of a long the longs of my blog where i had a 101 goals to do in 1001 days, SADLY that blog page was deleted (what was I thinking!?). If you were one of the lucky 5 people who read that blog and noticed that I didn't even get half the list complete, well I got news for you! This is my (insert number) of things I want to do in the span of the 2015 year. Pretty much, this kind of forces me to be more active in the blog-o-spherecubeverse because I have been lacking in the past 4 years. Don't hold your breath because I know for a fact I'll won't post anything for another 3 years. My blog is like the band Tool, just a long delay in content. Yeah, I guess so. ANYWAYS. Here are the things I want to accomplish in the year 2015

1- Try to eat a new restaurant once or twice a month. ( Since I am now a cook in this industry, I need to get out and try all these wonderful restaurants that Montreal has to offer. Also, it beats eating at the same boring places time after time.)

2- Travel out west for a vacation. (I've mentioned to my friend that I'm thinking about visiting Calgary to see the sights and explore Canada, and I would have a place to stay too!)

3- Sky dive. (It could happen in 2015, it could not happen. It's pretty much a life long goal of mine to fall out of plane and survive, of course)

4- Move out on my own. (Yes, this goal is pretty much the biggest and most desired goal I want to try and accomplish in 2015. It takes money, it takes planning, and most of all, it takes time. I can't just say I'm moving out. I need to see how my situation is, in regards to everything. Still, Im hoping to get out of the suburbs and be close to work, or at least walking/biking distance to work.)

5- Just practice cooking at home more. (I have cook books & recipes, i have certain set of skills, why not just practice at home on my days off. Pretty simple.)

If I can think of any other goals/things to cross off, I'll post them, but as of now. I have these 5 goals I just want to see if I can attempt to tackle.

Best of Twenty Fourteen.

Alrighty then, hello. It has certainly been a while, hasn't it?  I am here sitting in my bed, listening to some tuneskis and thought about that I haven't done a best of blog type post in well, about a few years. I don't even remember the last time I've done one. I know, I know, I am a terrible human being/blogger. In fact I am probably the worst blogger in the world (or at least in my hometown). I have filled this blog with many lies saying that I will be back and be posting more. NOPE. Lies, lies and MORE lies. In fact I am here to tell you that I am not back and will not be posting anymore! (Reverse psychology, it could work, no?)

Anyways, enough rambling, run on sentences and very poor grammar. Let's get it started with Jason's Best of 2014. (and why not, lets include some worse stuff too, if i feel like it.)

TOP (whatever number) MOVIES of the YEAR.

I saw a lot of movies this year, like every other year in the past. It is pretty much my favorite thing to do with my lovely free time.

1- Birdman
2- Guardians of the Galaxy
3- Nightcrawler
4- Whiplash
5- Boyhood
6- Captain America: Winter Solider
7- Grand Budapest Hotel
8- Interstellar
9- The Lego Movie
10- Chef
11- Godzilla
12- X-Men: Days of Future Past
13- Edge of Tomorrow
14- Gone Girl

Honorable Mentions:
Bad Words, The Muppets: Most Wanted, The Wind Rises, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, Foxcatcher, Neighbors, 22 Jump Street, Non-Stop

Okay. it's a top 14 list of 2014, there is NO certain order of favorite to least favorite and blah blah. I honestly had to look at the list of movies to remember what was released. Yes. Okay. Got it? Gooood.

Now, the worst movies that I accidently saw this year.
Robocop (god damnit.)
Annabelle (just no)
Expendables 3 (yes, I did not enjoy this stupid movie)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Its so bad, but the turtles were fun to see again)
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (This movie took too long to make. just not needed)

There are some movies I didn't include in my Honorable Mentions because, well, I didn't want too. I am also waiting to see some other movies, like American Sniper and Inherent Vice.

Best TV Shows of 2014.

Well there is not much that I saw this year when it came to TV shows. So what I could remember, this are the ones I enjoyed.

1- True Detective.
2- Trailer Park Boys - Season 8
3- Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Best Albums of 2014.

This category is kind of sad, because I didn't listen to much new releases this year. I also didn't get into new music either, which is even sadder. Maybe I'll update this once I find more albums that were released in 2014.

1- Mastodon - Once More Around The Sun

Best Video Games of 2014

This year was a good year for video games, if I recall. I played a few great ones this year.

1- Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
2- The Wolf Among Us
3- Walking Dead - Season 2
4- Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS
5- Mario Kart 8
6- Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1

I can't remember the other games I've played, cause seriously, it's 2:30am, and Im tired. I may expand on my picks EVENTUALLY cause I'd love to go into boring as heck details with you on why I liked these certain topics.

In conclusion, 2014 was a pretty good year for me. Everything just worked out for me. Met new people, new friends and just a great time this entire year. Now, let's hope 2015 is kind to all of us!

peace. Jason.


An A-Muse-ing review

Howdy readers,

Holy crap, I am actually writing a blog post and you are actually reading it too? What the hell is going on around here? I have no idea, but today is April 29th, the EVE of PLAYOFF HOCKEY, but Im not going to bore you yet with Playoff Hockey talks, that's the next blog! Muahaha. Hockey is good.

What I want to talk about is my review on the Muse concerts, yes concerts, that took place at the Bell Centre on April 23rd and 24th. Wait? Why both dates?! That is because I went to both shows, one was a free show courtesy of CHOM. I won some blah blah contest by texting in blah blah blah, short story short, I won tickets to see them. Anyways. Let's get into the meat of things shall we?

Muse are one of those highly touted acts in Europe, playing stadiums with 50,000 fans and festivals with close to 80,000 people. Over in North America, they are playing arena's, close to 15,000 fans, if not less. Quite the drastic change in scenery if you are on stage playing, I guess. I wouldn't know because I am one of those 15,000 fans yelling  cheering my face off. However, Muse can still pack the energy at the Bell Centre, or en francais c'est Le Centre Bell (Im protecting my blog due to OQLF reading it and getting into a huff and puffing stage and threaten me to blog in french!). The opening band, Dead Sara, nothing to note here. They filled in as the opening band when the other one had to pull out (hehehe). Who goes to a concert to *just* see the opening band? I know for a fact, I don't, but hey, maybe some people do?

Anyways, as 8:20 struck the clock, the house lights lowered and he comes the intro tape over the PA system. A video screen is lowered over the drumkit on the stage and echoing through the loud cheers of fans,  Isolated System is played getting all the fans pumped up. (The 2nd show, it was Unsustainable). Muse finally takes the stage as the intro tape fades off into Supremacy, the James Bond-like inspired song. As Matt Bellamy hits the high notes of "Supremacy", the fans are in full gear tonight with their voices as loud as Matt's. Thats a good sign, they've been practicing their lyrics!

Muse keeps on going with hit after hit after hit and the fans just digging it up like gold or something towards that analogy, I don't know, we just loved it. Throughout the show, I've noticed they only played songs from their most recent albums and did not show much love for their earlier stuff. As a casual fan that went to see what Muse is all about, you would of enjoyed it as much as anyone could. For a hardcore fan, you could feel the same way as the casual fan, but maybe, just maybe, you wanted to hear MK Ultra, or Showbiz, or something that wasn't a radio hit. (The 2nd show, they played songs from their first 2 albums but they were still the popular songs on the albums.) The final song of the nights was the olympic inspired song "Survival" and oh boy, was it ever awesome. Everything about the Muse was near perfect, no complaints from both shows. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. You will not regret it.

I'll catch you on the flippy-flop with the next blog! (I promise it'll be ASAP and not another 5 months)


Trying to get back into the swing of things.


It has been QUITE the time hasn't it? By my count, it has been 2 years and 3 months since I had a serious blog post... wait... since when was I ever serious with these blog posts? Ha, I make myself laugh! WHAT A KNEE SLAPPER JASON. Wait, that wasn't even that funny. Yup, this is how the blogs go, I just ramble and ramble and never get to the freaking point of what I want to talk about.

Since the last post, not the one I had 5 months ago where I stated I was coming back to blog, cause really... I didn't even put any THOUGHT to that post, I think I was drunk when I wrote those few words and such. I can't remember. What are you going to do about it? NOTHING cause it happened in April. Ha. I actually hope no one was waiting til April for me to post, cause if so, I am not sorry, you are just wasting your time by waiting. Idiot.

One thing I've noticed since the last 2 years of not being on blogspot is that is has MAJORLY went through an overhaul. I can't say I hate it or love it because it is ALL NEW TO ME. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING IN CHINA. People are happy. Mainly me! (Do the Chinese even celebrate Christmas? Cause their New Year isn't even at the same time as us! Weirdos!) Over the 2 years, stuffs has happened. I've seen concerts, been at school, worked and fun stuff like that. Ya dig?

One bring thing that happened recently that I got promoted from dishwasher to 2nd Cook at the restaurant I work at. It's kind of a big deal, because I don't have TO WASH FREAKIN DISHES! I just get to touch food and cut off my finger every now and then. It's hilarious when I almost lose a thumb! Everyone laughs in horror when blood is everywhere. Classic! (Please note that I actually haven't cut my fingers off or my coworker's fingers off. ITS ALL APART OF THE JOKE). Also, I get to wear a cook's uniform and not a silly HSM Host polo shirt. God, those shirts are ugly and gross, and mainly ugly. Hairnets are awesome too. Highlight of this promotion.

Anyways readers, I know this hiatus HAS BEEN A LONG ONE, but expect more pointless banter from yours truly and an insight to things I sight on a daily basis. I'll try not to do these "update" blogs cause who cares about my life... WE GOTTA CARE ABOUT MY OPINIONS ON LIFE AND SUCH. I will catch you on the FLIP-FLOPPY PLOP.


It's been a while.

Why, yes it has. I will start blogging again. As a great person once said. Yippe, Kye, Aye.